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Dear White People, why you stressin’ over the SuperBowl ?

Dear White People, why you stressin’ over the SuperBowl ?

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Lately I have tried to avoid giving my opinion on topics I am far from fully understanding. But this Beyonce war has taken social media by storm. And my white friends have felt the need to react. White friends who almost never take a stand on political issues on facebook. So I tried to understand their point of view. In fact, what is interesting in this matter is its ability to reveal the beliefs of a significant number of indivduals who are part of our society. These opinions are directly affecting our ability to live together and the condition of black people in the world.Dear White People Capture

So I wanted to understand the anti-beyonces, but it turns out one doesn’t  really need to be one of them to express views that are nothing less than insulting to black people .

Their arguments go something like this : By honoring the Black Panther Party and supporting the #Blacklivesmatter movement, she is being pro-terrorism and anti-police. What groups are we talking about here ? Black panthers? The #Blacklivesmatter movement? I don’t think white people realise what they are stating here  : they believe that black people were and still are  supposed to let the injustice go on without reacting because it ( the opression) was then lawful. I don’t mean to argue or to convince anybody , but I hope to bring a different light in this debate .

There is and has been injustice against our people for centuries. White people on the other side of the society may not see it but it is obvious to us.It’s even obvious to non american white people ( I am french) who see american police as violent and racist .When black people are oppressed, nobody calls the oppressor criminals, but when they defend themselves, they become terrorists. Someone has pointed out that KKK is still in activity today while the Black Panthers Party has been dismantled. It is not fair, and it shows that justice in America is not working the same way for evryone .


Beyonce is not a role model, I have criticized her in many ways, and one of the reasons is the fact that she was not standing out for our people. Well she has just done that in an unprecedented way. If she had dared doing that before , she would not have reached the fame she has today. And now she is using her platform. Funny how people don’t call to boycott her when she plays the role of the hypersexualised voluptuous  black woman the American society has created and fantasized. Surprisingly,  when it comes important issues such as this one she has to be boycotted.

Let me tell you how I see this : it is not a war against Beyonce, it is America’s war on black people, because black people have been feeling this way for a long time. If people call to boycott someone who expresses the same concerns, it equals to boycotting black people as a whole. I am not American, I might not know a lot of things, but it is how it appears to me. What some people need to do is just try to put themselves in black people’s shoes, I guess it will help them understand a lot of things.

Kimia Obiriga


  1. Heidi
    11/02/2016 at 4:00 pm

    Queen B pian!!!

  2. Sika
    12/02/2016 at 7:23 pm

    Kudos !

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