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Afropolite Top 5 : Fashion Bloggers

Afropolite Top 5 : Fashion Bloggers


One of my absolute favorite pastimes is reading and scouring Fashion blogs. Every Saturday morning, I am giddy with excitement as I crack open my feedly and see what OOTD* my favorite bloggers sported during the week. I get inspired to try a new lipstick or dare new color combinations. Sometimes they inspire wardrobe choices or even get  me to try a new product (yes I did buy a product based on a blogger’s recommendation… and I fell in love with  it !)

I follow a good number of bloggers, but today I would like to share with you my Top 5. Collectively, these ladies will make you want to go re-organize your closet and you know have your own OOTD* moment.

Enjoy !

Skinny Hipster – by Nifesimi


Nifesimi is a Nigerian-American young lady living in Baltimore, MD. What I love the most about her style is her bold print-mixing and her particular sense of style. Her looks are always trendy yet classy and sophisticated.

Shirley’s Wardrobe – by Shirley B. Eniang


Shirley is a gorgeous Fashionista living in London. She puts a fresh spin on clean classics and creates timeless looks. It’s hard to believe she is only in her twenties with such a great sense of fashion. On her Youtube channel, she doles out great advice on products and presents cute outfit ideas for any occasion. By the way, her all-white bedroom is to die for ! Her Instagram feed is full of gorgeousness. Make sure to follow her on all media.

Black Beauty Bag – by Fatou N’diaye


Fatou is a veteran of the Fashion blogging world. She does it all : excellent product reviews (yes she is the one who convinced me to buy that Solution Micellaire, and for that I will eternally be grateful ;)), attending fabulous parties, providing great hair tips. Long story short, Fatou is a maven when it comes to beauty & fashion. She has that Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi that makes her style fresh, current and effortless. If you want to stay in the know of all the happenings while learning how to style cute brogues and shorts, follow her now. You will not regret it!

That Igbo Chick – by Dimma


Okay, this blogger is my shero. Her makeup artistry is just beyond incredible. I particularly love her “Inspired By” series where she reproduces patterns in Wax fabric in her makeup. She provides great tips and reviews on local Nigerian products. She also has a list of companies that deliver to Nigeria. Plus she is gorgeous and she loves cake! What’s not to like? Please head over to her Youtube channel where she provides step-by-step tips for the looks she creates.

Simply Cyn – by Cynthia


You know that cool kid at school that everybody likes and wants to be friends with? That is Cynthia of Simply Cyn.  She is cool and smart and just awesome. Her blog is a confluence of fashion, beauty, music, travels, product reviews, etc…  She helped me discover so many great artists ! I even booked a tour based on her travel reviews. Seriously, you always learn something new on her site. I highly recommend you to check it out.

There you have it, our Top 5 list of Fashion/Lifestyle bloggers every Afropolite ought to know. What do you think ? Are there any bloggers you would like us to discover ? Share in the comments !

*OOTD: Outfit Of The Day, is used in “Fashion Blog Speak” to designate the outfit worn that day by a particular blogger.


  1. Sylvie
    22/05/2014 at 4:54 pm

    J’aime ! C’est frais comme article !

  2. Abiba
    26/05/2014 at 9:42 pm

    J’adore ! Où est ce qu’on peut trouver le tee-shirt de Simply Cyn ? Je kiffe ! C’est d’ailleurs l’une de mes bloggueuses préférées ! Article frais comme le dit Sylvie !

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