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Why did I come back to Abidjan?

Why did I come back to Abidjan?


This has been one of the most difficult decisions to take: move back home. I dreaded this for years but now my mind was set and I have accepted it, I want to go back home. I was sick and tired of living overseas! WOW! Really!? This is not happening to me. Why am I saying that? Well, let’s go back 2 or 3 years before taking that decision, which probably was sometimes in 2008-2009.

Elle: “Tu n’as pas envie de retourner en Cote d’Ivoire? Avec ton profil et surtout la famille, tu serais mieux. Tu es trop stressée ici et tu travailles trop.”

Moi : “No way. Je me sens bien ici et je ne sais pas si je pourrai retourner y vivre. Les gens vivent au ralenti, en plus j’aime ma vie ici. No way, end of conversation.”

And this is just one of the many conversations I had with people trying to convince me to go back to Côte d’Ivoire.

Why would I go back or even think about it when:

  1. I had a good job in a great company (I just had a promotion)
  2. My salary was not great but okay to make a decent living
  3. Though not easy, I was living as a good life as a single mom with my son who loved his life
  4. I did not have to deal with my parents (we love each other but it is better to live apart)
  5. Everyone respect and follow the rules, the laws,…
  6. I could buy stuff of good quality (food, clothing, electronics, etc.)
  7. Etc.

So tell me why having all that I would ever think about going back to Côte d’Ivoire?

Home Africa
Home Africa

Well, now I am here and it has been 2 years and 2 months – wow! Time flies. I would have never thought after 6 months of moving back that I could survive living in Abidjan up to now. But I am here and great things are happening. I am not saying that it was or is easy but I am happy to be here.

I am among those who came back in the 3rd trimester of 2011 and it was not easy. Our country was trying to come alive after what has been 6 months or more of terror and fear. One thing that struck me was that everyone was trying to make a living. They were incertain of tomorrow and coming back from far, they needed to survive. The country is not so safe and secure anymore, well it is one cause of the “civil war”. I will not spend my time talking about what is bad in the country, we already know as we talk more about it than the good things. I am sorry to disappoint you if this is what you were expecting.

So I came back and where do I stand now? Again, do not expect me to talk about what is so bad about my country (sorry if I insist on that point!!!).

After 2 years and 2 months back home, I think I can tell you why I came back. I realized that I was tired of living overseas: I was stressed, could not do anything with my time, with my life… Yes! it is great to live overseas (see above) but it is hard when you do not find yourself. At one point, I don’t know why but I got lost, I wasn’t really happy. I am not saying that the life in Abidjan is great but there is this “je ne sais quoi” that I like.

I came back because I wanted to have a certain quality of life. Now I spend more time with my son, my family and my friends, discover new parts of Abidjan and some cities, eat some good food and most of all I have a job, not my dream job but it is a job. I am a member of a non profit organization and I like it. I am involved in social events and I have found love not long ago. Again I am not saying that living overseas is bad; there is a lot to do there but at one point it just wasn’t for me.

In addition, there are huge opportunities to invest and start something from scratch. I am  currently working on different projects and I hope one of them will see the light of day.

Mainly, I came back because I needed to be at peace with myself. Yes there are issues here that I faced and am still facing. I have hard times adjusting to living back here but at least, I am at peace with myself and this is important to me. After all, I wanted to have that “je ne sais quoi” which makes you feel Home.

So here are a few reasons of my coming back. What about you? If you live overseas, do you want to come back? If you came back, what were your reasons? If you live in Côte d’Ivoire, why are you dreaming of going overseas? For your studies or to have a better life? Ask yourself those questions and make the decision that will give you peace.


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